The Power Launcher

The Powerlauncher, helps individuals, brands, and companies market themselves right. We enact as your agent, ensuring that you are equipped with the right tools to find your market place and to be heard.

Just like no idea is a bad one, we at Powelauncher encourage all brands, startups, existing brands, individuals to join our team where they are given a customized platform of Branding, Marketing, Sales, PR, Events and much more.


We ensure you are not spending over the top but just the right amount to get yourself/brand heard.

Our Work

As the name suggests we are there for those who are seeking to launch themselves, brand or simply grow their current business .

In hard times, when the first cut usually is the Marketing budget- but you also know it is the most essential to the business, we help you realize your business potential by understanding two things:

How do we help?


Tired of your 9-5 job and have hobbies you want to take professional but don’t want to spend X amount of funds for it yet? No to worry, at Powerlauncher we hear your idea act on a business/marketing plan and take it from there. You become our member and represent your talents through us. We take you to the whole process of understanding your own business, give you required study material and tools to enhance and reach out to your target audience. We will guide you step by step until you are finally ready to take your business full time on your own!


There are several new brands being launched and forgotten in the market. Its not that the consumer didn’t need it, hence didn’t work. It was simply because the brand was never heard. If you are a brand / service that is relatively new or need to think of your existing business model then fret no more. We at Powerlauncher will help you take this step. We will develop your brand through its various market life cycle, and relaunch or reestablish the service.

New In town?

Congratulations you have just launched your first restaurant!

  • Interior
  • menus,
  • food,
  • customers???

There are several services/ businesses that are opening and shutting down within the same year, due to lack of good planning or limited budgets in advertising/ marketing. The Powerlauncher will help such brands/ services/ businesses set up and be completely taken care of . We enact as your Executive working for your brand, to ensure a smooth flow of communication.

Training and Product Development

The Powerlauncher also participates in training your staff/ individual in Marketing/ PR/ Branding / Sales/ Customer service subjects ensuring that there is continuity in good branding throughout inbuilt within the organization.

You will also be able to download handbooks  on related subjects to help you, for those who understand better when self learning

Press Release sample templates will also be available and if you require us to do a one of campaign or just write a release this can be taken care as well